Moscow - Day 1 & 2

Day 1

Today we visited the ispeak school and met the other team members.  Afterwards, we split up to tour St Basil's Cathedral, The Red Square, Kremlin, and Christ Our Savior Cathedral. We then met back up to share tea and break bread at an authentic Uzbekistan restaurant.  We even spotted a few snowflakes on our walk back to Metro. 

Day 2

Today was Engagement Day!  We followed our hosts around Moscow and watched how they interacted with various people groups.  Food city is a huge farmers market that is perfect to connect and make friends.  Later,  the group met to have an authentic Uzbekistan dinner complete with tea!  We shared our day with each other and began to prepare for the next phase of the trip.  A few of us made one last and very cold trek to the Red Square for night photos. - Samantha Purvis