Moscow - Day 3 & 4


Today was crazy busy! We left the city of Moscow and drove to the retreat in the village (as a Muscovite would say)... we in Texas would describe this as "the country". We unpacked all of our supplies and set up our spaces for the next few days. The children were introduced to Daniel and the adults met our team. Dave brought the lesson and Rick led the group in worship. Despite having troubles with technology in all areas, the night went well and God got the praise He deserves! 


Today started off with hot dogs, warm milk, and boiled eggs for breakfast! The kids learned about Daniel and how God is with you when you need help. The adults continued their study on holiness, and the teenagers shared about their lives. The ladies experienced a Russian Banya (a steam house) before gathering for a Thanksgiving feast full of traditional Russian cuisine. Instead of turkey, we had Lamb! Flurries were falling, so a small snowball fight might have occurred with the teens before going inside for hot chocolate and games. Happy Thanksgiving from Russia! -Samantha Purvis