Spain Day 3

Yesterday after VBS we had an afternoon of prayer walking. We started in the plaza of independence where the day before thousands gathered to protest against the Spanish government which is not recognizing Catalan independence. As we walked to the plaza it was raining, but as we started to pray the sun began to shine. I think the Lord was pleased to hear prayers for the Catalan people.  We prayed for walls of hostility to be torn down and reconciliation.  We also asked for the Catalan people to look to God for true freedom!!

Please join us in continual prayer for Catalonia!!

Today, our second day of VBS, the children remembered some eyewitness accounts of the things that Jesus did during his life. He healed people, he loved people, he fed people and he never sinned. Then they learned about the death of Jesus and heard from the witnesses that told what they saw that day.  

After learning about Jesus’ death we talked about WHY Jesus died. The children understood that we can never hit the target of being good every single day, but Jesus did hit the bullseye 🎯 his whole life!!  We learned our missing the mark is called sin. 

Finally, we read that Jesus was wounded for our sins, so we can be healed and made perfect!! Lift up these precious children as they come to understand Jesus as the Way, Truth and Life. 

We finished our day by visiting the suburb of Salt. This community is over 60% Muslim, immigrants from Morocco and North Africa. We spent a couple of hours walking around the town and praying for the Lord to break through with light into the darkness here. 

Again please pray!! - Shelley Lane

Juan NavarroSpain2018