Spain Day 6

Today was a fantastic day! We helped work at L'Arcada encampment. L'Arcada is a Christian camp that has many similarities to normal camps you may have been to in the past (like an awesome ropes course, basketball court and water slide!) In other ways, it was very different (having the Pyrenees mountains in the background!)  We were able to serve alongside a kind, humble man named Rafa, along with his father and son, who work together to manage the maintenance operations at L'Arcada.

Tonight, we also observed a Catholic processional that people in Girona do each year in observance of Good Friday. 

While Spain at first glance seems very different from the United States, we actually have quite a lot in common with Spain. As I watched the processional go by, I wondered how many people were simply going through the motions of what they do each year without reflecting on the meaning behind it. And at the same time, I know at home, we do similar things out of tradition as well. Sometimes, I go to church or pray simply because it's my habit, and not necessarily out of the overflow of my heart. 

Before we left L'Arcada, Rafa encouraged us to pray for those who do not yet know Christ, but he also asked that we pray for those who are believers, who have fallen away from the church- that they would experience discipleship there. Join us in praying this not only for L'Arcada, but for our church as well. Pray we would be people who are committed to bringing the Gospel both to those who know and those who do not yet know the Lord. And as we move to Easter on Sunday, I pray it's a time of true reflection on the great work and gift of Christ's life, death and resurrection. - Cathalina Dean

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