Bulgaria Day 3

Dear Heights family, 

Our second day in Bulgaria has come and gone! It was a day full of happy spirits and hard work both at the orphanage and at the church. We were a little bit worried this morning because the forecast said that there was at least a 70% chance of rain all day. However, the Lord is good and He answered our prayers. We were able to go to the orphanage in the morning and finish all the paintwork without being interrupted by the weather. All in all, we repainted two basketball hoops, a gazebo, a slide, a swing set, and two four-seat teeter-totters in green, yellow, blue, and red paint. One of the orphans, Martin, loves to paint and he asked to paint with us. He was so happy to be able to paint and do something for himself - it was so amazing to watch. He was very focused when painting and did a great job. Afterwards, he showed his work to anyone who would come see it because he was so proud of the work that he had done. It warmed each and every one of our hearts. Tomorrow, will be our last day at the orphanage and we plan to make the most out of it!

During the Wednesday night service at the church, Robbie shared the Three Circle Method with the congregation. As Evangelicals are a minority in this country, this will be an incredibly helpful tool for them to share the Gospel in a personal and approachable way to the people in their communities. All the members were engaged in the sermon and were clapping, laughing, and listening intently to what was being said. The worship time was amazing. We sang some old hymns and you should have heard all the passionate voices that rose up inn that chapel. It was incredible! Wayne's testimony was wonderful. He got a little chocked up when he was talking and you could tell that the members of the church were moved and were very appreciative about his story. It was a time of sweet, great fellowship and the members welcomed us into their family warmly. After the service, we went to a traditional Bulgarian restaurant to eat and the food was amazing. We will fall asleep tonight with big smiles on our faces, thankful for the wonderful day that God gave us! :) - Jordan Kiefer