Bulgaria Day 4

Dear Heights Family, 

It is truly amazing to be a part of something so special as this mission trip. Today was our last day volunteering at the orphanage and it was an emotional one. As we finished all the work outside yesterday, today was all about giving gifts to the kids and the workers and ministering to them. We handed out some of the prayer shawls that we brought to the women and men who work there. You could tell that the shawls meant a lot to them and some of them immediately took them out of the bag and wrapped themselves up. Having the names of the people who made and prayed over the shawls for them was so important to them and one lady was concerned that she didn't have a name on her shawl until we told her who it was from. We brought temporary tattoos for the kids to put on their hands and arms and there were so excited. Many of them wanted two or three and they all had huge smiles on their faces. Robbie also got to tell them the story of Daniel and the lions' den and we all got to sing a couple of songs to them. Both the children and the workers were attentive and appreciative to what we had to say (or sing). It was wonderful!

Later on, we were able to have a relaxing, yet fun night in the church with George and Laura. They are such an amazing couple with great hearts that love God. We could tell that it was important for them to be able to converse with us about church and ministry. Right now, the two of them take on so much of the church's responsibilities each week. Because of this, Robbie counseled with them and gave them advice on how to balance everything and make it engaging, fun, and rewarding for all involved. Our prayer is that they take what we say to heart and that they get some much needed help for a small, but slowing growing church family. - Jordan Kiefer