Bulgaria Day 6

Dear Heights family, 

It's hard to believe that it is already Saturday! This week has flown by and we only have a couple of days left here in Bulgaria. Today was our day to be with the Sunday school teachers and helpers of the church and help them with their bible lessons. We brought plenty of materials and curriculum for them to use, but we also wanted to have them get a feel for how to create their own. Robbie did a great job helping them choose a passage in Scripture, break it down, come up with fun activities for the kids, and teach them how to make a great lesson every week. The women were very receptive to what we had to say and our hope is that they can take the information they learned and make something great out of it.

After having a long, yet great day, we headed back to George and Laura's house to have a smaller meal. We've eaten so well over the last few days, but we wanted to have at least one lighter meal. His parents came over while we were eating and it was a great time of stories, laughter, and having fun with one another. The other members of the team were very sweet and gave me the painting that one of the ladies gave the team as a thank-you gift/welcome present that will serve as a reminder of my first mission trip. I am so happy and thankful that they gave me this wonderful gift to remember this amazing trip to Bulgaria. It was a fantastic day! - Jordan Kiefer