Spain - Day 2

Today we had our second day of VBS and it was so encouraging to see the kids excited to come back. We had two new kids that were not there yesterday! The theme of today’s lesson was “when life is scary... God is good,” based on the plagues against Egypt. Brenda, our team member and todays’ teacher, did a great job in explaining the plagues and the reason why God sent the plagues in a manner that the kids could relate to. She explained that our God is a loving God who gave Pharaoh many chances to be obedient to God. The story definitely resonated with the kids based on their thought provoking questions. A question from one of our kids was why didn’t God start with the 10th plague, the death of all the 1st born sons of Egypt, since God already knew that Pharaoh was not going to listen. This was a great question to continue the discussion of God being a loving Heavenly Father. He doesn’t want to hurt us, so He gives us opportunities to be obedient but sometimes He has to be firm when we continue to disobey just like a parent does when their child disobeys. 

For our craft, the kids made lanterns. This craft was used as a great segue-way for tomorrow’s lesson, which is the Easter story. Marley, our VBS leader, used the craft to speak about how the lantern brings light in the darkness and that tomorrow they will learn how they can have a light to shine inside of them. The Holy Spirit was definitely leading Marley and Brenda today in their teaching. Please pray for the kids and our team as we continue to interact with them and teach them about God’s word. Also, pray for the people of Girona and Spain to be receptive to the Gospel message and for the Parnells and their church members to be the light of Jesus in the midst of this spiritual darkness. Pray that God continue to use them and give them wisdom from above to engage with the local people in a manner that draws them near to God and the Gospel.

Later in the afternoon, we had the privilege to partner with two missionaries who are working with North African Muslims and Barcelona and the surrounding area. We went to a town called Salt that is right next to Girona and prayer walked with them. Salt is the town with the highest Muslim population in all of Spain (over 75%).  -Cindy Gómez