Spain- Day 5

Today, we visited the L’Arcada Christian camp. We had the blessing of meeting the founders David and Debbie Frank, American missionaries whom God called to Spain almost 40 years ago and founded the camp in 1991. We also met the care takers Vicky and Pedro. Vicky and Pedro provided a tour of the camp and shared with us how the camp holds different types of camps for K-18 year olds. Through these camps they are able to minister to these children and teenagers and share the Gospel and many youths throughout the years have come to accept Christ. They also shared the great need for volunteers to help during the camp sessions and their need for supplies and building repairs. After the tour of the camp, we had a couple of team building activities and gathered in a large circle in the middle of the camp field to pray for the Franks, Vicky and Pedro and for God’s provision to keep the camp operating and for the activities that will happen this summer. It was an awesome morning and we had a great time. 

The evening was interesting as we attended a Holy Week (Easter) procession parade in the middle of old downtown Girona. Many people gathered along the streets to witness the local volunteers dressed as Roman soldiers, children and adults dressed in tunic robes with face coverings and floats with scenes from the Bible detailing the crucifixion story. Wondering what the meaning behind that outfit is? It actually has nothing to do with racism. It goes back to the Spanish Inquisition times when people were found guilty of religious crimes. Those criminals would walk the streets in the hats while they were mocked and insulted by the crowds. By wearing the hats in Easter processions, penitents are also re-enacting Christ’s road to Calvary. The hat pointing upwards is also supposed to represent the penitent’s journey to heaven.

Even though the procession is telling the people about the sacrifice that Jesus made being crucified it leaves out the most important event which is the resurrection. It saddens me to think that people who may not know the entire story from the Bible may believe that Jesus was defeated at the cross. It was also sad to not see any reverence from the people, it felt like the people were just there to see a show. Please pray for spiritual awakening for Girona and for Spain. -Óscar Gómez