Spain - Day 6 & 7

Hola! After a week of ministry in Girona, the team got to spend a day off in Barcelona on Saturday! We got to see the breathtaking Sagrada Familia and then we went to Montserrat, where there is a monastery on top of a mountain. It was an incredible day.

Happy Easter from España! What a blessed day we have had today celebrating Jesus. Today, the team joined us for messy church. This is where kids and adults come together as a family to do a craft, then a Bible lesson is told that goes along with what they just created. Since this was a special day, we decorated eggs together and the kids hunted plastic eggs. We also did a resurrection scavenger hunt.

When I reflect back on the week, God has been reminding me of His sweet presence in my life even if I don’t feel Him all the time and is showing me how to trust Him more than I ever have before through serving alongside the team from The Heights and my Spain family! He has also shown me how much Spain needs these same truths told of Him.

VBS was a hit... not only for the kids but also for all of us! We learned that when life is unfair, scary, sad, or even when we face change... God is good! We all needed these lessons in one way or another in different seasons in our lives so I was good for all to be apart of.

We visited some beautiful places that can easily take your breath away with how beautiful they are. In this same way, my prayer and hope is that the people of Girona and beyond will have their breath taken away by God's everlasting love for them!

God is truly here in this ministry and in the hearts of the Parnells and those who serve alongside them. Please, continue to pray for their family, their co-working space, and the people they meet. May those people see the light of the Lord shining through them. I am expectant on God’s love to be shared... rooted deep and expectant on Him to continue to move! -Marley Cosgrove

Juan Navarro