Honduras Day 1 & 2

Hello church! We had an unexpected start to our trip. Our flight out of DFW was delayed by 9 hours, so we missed our connection to Honduras and had to spend the night in Miami. We finally left for San Pedro Sula on Sunday afternoon and made it here just in time for church at Promise Home.

Our time of worship with our brothers and sisters was very encouraging. The name of Jesus was lifted up in English and Spanish last night!

This morning we made it to the Promise Home orphanage and met the 15 kids that have been rescued. What a joy to see them grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. Most importantly, they’re growing up in the ways of the Lord!

We’re now building a chicken coop that will provide the orphanage with eggs once it’s all finished. We will keep you updated on our progress. Check back for more updates and pictures!!

Juan Navarro

Courtney Bertrand