Honduras Day 3

Today the team worked hard all day in spite of the very high temperatures! We have been working on three different projects at Promise Home. (1) Chicken coop structure, which we will finish tomorrow, (2) building a new ramp for the Promise Home church, which we were able to finish today, and (3) painting two of the rooms where the orphans sleep, which we will finish tomorrow morning as well.

We have been able to interact with the kids and the workers and it’s been amazing to see how loved these little ones by the Promise Home staff, and how they are reminded daily of how our Father in heaven loves them above anything else!

Join us in praying for the Promise Home staff, that their strength will be renewed each day by the Lord. And pray for the 15 kids that live in the orphanage, that they will grow to be men and women of God.

We will post pictures of the finished projects tomorrow! - Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro