We believe that God has called all of His people to live on Mission 24/7. Every one of us is a missionary called specifically to the people we build relationships with every day, wherever that may be. With that in mind, where could God be calling you to make disciples? What relationships could you impact with the gospel? To help you live out this mission, first think about where your foot naturally lands.

To help you with this, we've identified six main areas of possible ministry called Crossroads. A Crossroad is a focused area of life where you naturally spend a significant amount of your time.

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Where I LIVE

Be the friendly face around the block and enter into purposeful relationships with your neighbors for the Kingdom’s sake.

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Where I WORK

Has God called you to a specific line of work? Our hope is that you would exemplify Jesus Christ to your coworkers, as well as the community of people in which your job services.

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My KIDS World

This CROSSROAD is dependent on the individual engagement of your family. The goal is to leverage the opportunities your kids are involved in to relationally engage with other families.

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UTD / International Students

Do you have a passion for learning about and interacting with people from different cultures? The University of Texas at Dallas is right down the street from The Heights and full of international students who are interested in spiritual discussions and befriending Americans!

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Park Central

From our English as a Second Language program, to the after school programs for elementary aged kids, there are many ways in which you can be a light to our Park Central area - located just a few minutes south of The Heights!

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Justice Works

Just as Christ came to usher the world into a kingdom of righteousness, peace, and justice, you can too among the marginalized. Be a representative of Christ to those who face adversity from our society.