Meet Katie

Ministry Description:

My role: I serve Missionary Families in Asia by educating and mentoring their children, in order to keep missionaries 'in the field'. The number one reason why missionaries leave full time ministry, cross culturally, is because of their families' needs (spiritually, relationally, and educationally) not being met. 

Specifics: I have taught at Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand for four years (2015-2019)! If you were to look at a world map, over 90% of the poorest people and most unreached live in what is called the '10/40 Window' including North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Thailand is one of the only countries in Asia and in the '10/40 Window' that is religiously tolerant -- however 99% of Thais are Buddhist, with only .3% Christians. Thailand is a strategic location for Mission organizations to have their 'home base' for a safe and politically stable environment, so the IMB (Southern Baptist), Pioneers, Wycliffe Bible Translation, and Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) all have major 'hubs' of missionaries in Thailand - with many Ms still going into 'closed' or hostile countries. GIS was founded in order to support the educational and spiritual needs of missionary families serving in Asia.

I teach several different course: Social Studies 7 (7th Grade), Social Studies 8 (8th Grade), and AP World History (mostly 10th and 11th graders). I also have been the Student Council Sponsor helping organize our students' community outreach and events. I've discipled several students over the years and am so grateful for opportunities to dive into the word with some of my favorite girls in the world!  By mentoring Faith (now a senior) over the past four years, I am teaching her how to study God's word and 'tag teaming' in lovingly developing her, with her parents, as well as supporting their family the work that her parents do for security and IT in East Asia to other cross cultural missionaries.

God called me to missions: I grew up in Richardson and graduated from JJ Pearce. I'm so thankful to have grown up in a biblically based home (with parents who exemplified their faith and encouraged me in my own walk). Early on, I knew my life was His. I was studying to be a high school teacher and during my senior year of college, I took Perspectives with my mentor (who was on staff with Cru); and during those sessions/lessons, God opened my eyes to the needs overseas. I know that God gifted me with a bold and direct nature, and I wanted to honor what He had placed before me (the skills as a teacher, a heart for discipleship) so I joined staff with Cru to serve at Grace and am thankful for the lessons and growth that He's brought me through and are to come. 

Prayer Requests: 

  • Language Learning- I will be taking about 10-15 hours of language classes (plus studying for those courses) for the month of June. Please pray for retention, diligence, and humility!

  • Professional Development- In July, I will be going to an AP (Advanced Placement) Professional Development Workshop in Europe for a week -- please pray for safe travels, attention to all the details(it'll be A LOT of information), and for opportunities to build relationships with other educators teaching internationally. 

  • Contentment in my current season: I'm single and desire to be married. There have definitely been some points during this year, where I've struggled with contentment in my current season of life - please be praying that I trust in His plan and timing and to get to know His character more (His faithfulness, His overwhelming love).