Alpha Course

We believe everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith by asking questions and sharing their point of view. Alpha is a series of questions exploring the Christian faith. Each discussion looks at a different question and is designed to create open conversations with our guests. We meet at The Heights Creekside Campus on Wednesday nights from 7-8:45pm.

  • Table Host - Leading and facilitating the discussions

  • Table Helper - Assist the host

  • Befriender - Befriend and meet up outside of alpha meetings

  • Driver In Charge - Pick up students from UTD

Baptist Student Ministries: Tuesday Lunch

This ministry happens every Tuesday from 11:45am-1:00pm in the Galaxy Rooms of UTD in the Student Union Center. Students enjoy lunch and talk about American culture and faith topics. It is a great place to meet international students where they are, on a weekly basis, and have meaningful conversations over a free meal.

  • Table Discussion Host - Lead and facilitate conversations

  • Table Discussion Helper - Assist the host

Friendship Partners

International Students Inc. (ISI) - Friendship Partners is a ministry that matches an International Student with an American family or individual. This platform helps our guests from afar feel loved and accepted in this city through the sharing of life with their partner’s family and culture.  By building a friendship with them, you welcome these students to Dallas, introduce them to American culture, learn about their home, and have an opportunity to share with them the love of Jesus.

  • Training - Attend a training led by Ivan Low

  • Commit - Commit to meet international students at least once per month

Heights Home Group

The Heights host home group meetings twice a month on weekends during school semesters. A meeting consists of a meal time, activities and a Bible discussion. This is a great place to show international students how God’s family feels like in a home setting of a Christ follower. If God is leading you to open your home, serving together with likeminded families, please contact Ivan Low.

  • Food Coordinator - Plan meals for the meetings

  • Discussion Facilitator - Facilitate discussions during the meetings

  • Host Family Lead – Open your home for the planting of a new home group


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